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About Jennifer


Support all  births

Support Inductions

 Support planned cesarean sections

Biomechanics at birth 

Plan birth preferences

Antenatal sessions 

Postnatal Doula 

Lactation recipes

Sleep and breastfeeding support

Aromatherapy during labour and birth 


 Trauma informed support for vulnerable 

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking & meal planning

Diet & detoxification

Elimination diets

Crowding out 


Hi! My name is Jennifer Goldstein , I live in North London I am a doula , postnatal doula and certified health coach, proud graduate of IIN.


My journey to support women started 10 years ago with a passion and life mission to help women and their families.  I do this through spreading my love for nutritious, wholesome foods and teaching others how to feel better by eating well and taking care of their bodies.


As a doula I support women and their partners  with emotional and/or physical support in a non-judgemental manner during the pregnancy, throughout labour and postnatal period.

Having had four amazing and very different births, in three different countries all assisted by a doula, made me realise the importance of being supported by someone else than my partner. Someone who has the knowledge, experience and tools to be by my side throughout the hours of labour and during the following months. 

My goal  is to help people reach their optimal potential and help them achieve any specific goals they have for their health, their birth and their lifestyle. 

I provide support to achieve these goals in a way that’s enjoyable and easy to integrate into every day life. 

No two people are the same, each person has a bio individuality which requires a specific and personalised approach. 

I look forward to supporting all your needs either as your doula or your postnatal doula or your health coach.

I have designed a few packages to cater to your specific needs and desires, but let's start by meeting during your free assessment, so we can discuss how we can give you some much deserved BioLove! 



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