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Kind words from amazing clients:

Bella, London UK:

"We feel extremely lucky to have had Jennifer by our side during the birth of our son. Jennifer was truly a rock for both me and my partner. We felt her love and wholwheartedness to the “job”, but it never once felt like a job to her. She brought pure dedication and gave her full self to us and to make the experience as wonderful as possible.

Although the birth didn’t go to “plan” (a c-section, but attempted a V BAC), I feel like I had the perfect birth with my partner and Jennifer by my side. We were in total control and Jennifer made us feel safe and she gave us the confidence to make the choices we did.

I really have so much respect for the work you do as a Doula, we are very grateful.

We will always have a deep love towards Jennifer and what she brought to the experience and to the birth of Oskar. The post natal visit gave me so much joy and I really just love Jennifer as a person. I feel like we have gained a new friend."

November 2022

Jessica 36, London UK:

"As part of an ongoing program with Jennifer, one session was spent being shown how to create foods using alternative ingredients to the staples I have used for many years.

I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I learned in such a short space of time, by having the opportunity to ask questions as Jennifer was preparing the different dishes.

Each dish Jennifer made was not only delicious but I felt internally hugged by the kind nutrition I was consuming - I never anticipated that I would have had a reaction that brought me close to tears.


I felt like I was giving my body something really good for the first time in a long time, and believed that I could realistically replicate these  to incorporate into my own life."

Sylvie, London, UK:

"I contacted Jennifer from BioLove over a year ago in a moment of desperation as I had become highly dependent on conventional medication to deal with my combined gastritis and IBS and I was gradually becoming immune to it. My GP had advised me to try a diet change as a last resort before referring me to a specialist.

We started slowly by keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks and I loved that Jennifer was completely non-judgemental about my diet. The journey was about acknowledging my weaknesses with food and finding more suitable alternatives which would satisfy my cravings without exacerbating my gastritis. 

Jennifer’s love for good food is infectious and her approach is never about removing anything but rather finding a more healthy and realistic alternative. That’s a recipe for the best relationship with food!"

Amy, London UK:

" Working with Jennifer has changed my perception on food and my body, and I learned how to treat myself right with foods I love and that are good for me.

If you told me a year ago that I could ever love a green smoothie I would not have believed you!

Now they are part of my daily routine and I adore them.

I made a lot of small changes, but that improved my life in a huge way.

I'm forever grateful for this experience, and this teaching.

Thank you Jennifer!"

Jada, London Uk:

"Jen is the gift we never knew we needed, wow!! She has flooded our parenting journey with so much light and wisdom".

Hiring her as PN doula was definitely a great decision. I needed that extra support especially since my entire family lives abroad.  

Thank you. 

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